Size Measurement and Tips for Selecting Your Eco Mask

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We have 3 general sizes for our Eco masks: Small, Medium and Large. Some customers have questions of how to choose the correct mask. Here we compare all 3 sizes and tips for choosing the right masks.



We measure the mask from inside, and exclude the length of the elastic band.

Size S
    Width: 11cm (x2)  Length: 12cm

Size S is good for kids above 6 years old and someone who has a small face.

Size M    Width: 11cm (x2)  Length: 14cm

Size M is good for adult in general, especially for ladies.

Size L    Width: 12cm (x2)  Length: 16.5cm

Size L is good for guys and who has a round face. You can see the mask is comparatively longer and it wraps the whole bottom part of the face.

Test the size by yawning~
You may wear your mask for a whole day talking in the office, so whether the mask really cover your nose and mouth safely is the key issue. If your chin or lips may expose out of the mask when you yawn or open your mouth widely, then we suggest you to select a bigger size.

Custom made service
If you have special size requirements, please drop us a line. Leave a message in our IG: momozaza_jp or

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