Choosing The inner Fabric for Eco Mask. We only use Made in Japan Fabric.

eco mask gauze

We use pure cotton gauze for the inner filter slot of our eco-mask.
And all the cotton gauze are made in Japan.
Do you know how to choose the right inner gauze?

There are 3 types of gauze:
1. Single layer - this is thin and lighter to wear in very hot places (only available in summer)
2. Double layer - this has 2 layers of cotton, which is more protective
3. NANOFINE Anti-bacteria, anti-odor double cotton gauze

Here you can see the thickness comparison of Single and Double gauze:

So what is "Touch Cool" Gauze?  The official name of this fabric is "コンフォートクール冷感Wガーゼ" (Comfort Cool (R)) and is made in Japan.

About “Cool touch” treatment:
This fabric is made with 2 special treatments:

      1. The fiber is treated to make you feel cooler when you the fabric
      2. When your skin is in close contact with the fabric, your sweat and moist will  trigger a chemical reaction with the processed fiber. It absorbs both heat and vapour, which lower the temperate and make it more comfortable to wear.

About Anti-bacteria, anti-odor double gauze:
The original name of this fabric is "SEKマーク認証 抗菌防臭ダブルガーゼ(2重ガーゼ)".
A made in Japan cotton gauze is slightly thicker than double gauze, and it is processed with anti-bacterial and odor NAOFINE technology, and it is SEK certified. It is anti-allergic, safe, and soft for baby and adult skin, and it is popular to use for baby clothes.

It is a processing technology based on the super antibacterial technology cultivated in the medical field, and suppresses the growth of bacteria adhering to fibers! Nanofine (R) processing that has strong efficacy against bacteria but is extremely gentle on the skin.
It uses the raw materials that are also used for baby powder. This fabric is carefully made in a Japan.

The effect will continue even after repeated washing!
It can be widely used not only for masks, but also for baby products, small items such as handkerchiefs, and clothing such as pajamas.

These are the colours available:

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