PARAFINE Single Anti-Virus gauze & NANOFINE Double Anti-Bacterial gauze

anti-bacteria anti-virus eco mask gauze

Each MOMOZAZA eco-mask has an inner gauze layer that serves as the filter pocket.  Our gauze are 100% cotton and made in Japan, and there are 2 options:

1. PARAFINE anti-virus single gauze
2. NANOFINE anti-bacterial double gauze

In general single gauze is thin and great for summer use, or someone who like to wear surgical mask under a fabric mask. But let's check more about these 2 gauze:

1. PARAFINE anti-virus single gauze

What is PARAFINE GPF-7000 technology?
PARAFINE is a highly safe anti-virus and anti-bacterial agent derived from grapefruit seeds extract. It is added when producing cotton gauze or other non-woven fabric. It does not contain any metallic component so it is safe to use for people who are allergic to metals. PARAFINE GPF-7000 treatment fabric is widely used for medical care clothing. 

2. NANOFINE anti-bacterial (anti-odor) double gauze

The original name of this fabric is "SEKマーク認証 抗菌防臭ダブルガーゼ(2重ガーゼ)".

A pure cotton double gauze made in Japan. It is processed with anti-bacterial and odor NAOFINE technology, and it is SEK certified. It is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial. It is popular for making baby clothes and medical care clothing. The effect will continue even after repeated washing.

What is NANOFINE technology?

It is a super antibacterial technology cultivated in the medical field, to suppress the bacterial growth in cloth fiber. Nanofine (R) treatmented fabric is very effective against bacteria and at the same time gentle to skin.

The main ingredient of "Nanofine" is "Zinc Oxide".  The ultrafine zinc oxide is fixed to fiber and generate hydrogen peroxide.

When bacteria come into contact with this hydrogen peroxide, the cell membrane is destroyed and respiratory inhibition occurs.

Products processed with "Nanofine" perform self-cleaning against bacteria on the fibers, creating an environment where bacteria cannot survive.

"Zinc Oxide" which is approved as a food additive by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). It is commonly found in baby powder and cosmetics.

In addition, "Nanofine" is a drug approved by the "Textile Technology Council" (SEK) in Japan. 

(Colours availability is differ from different patterned masks)

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