Choosing The inner Fabric for Eco Mask

eco mask gauze

We use pure cotton gauze for the inner material of our eco-mask.
Do you know how to choose the right inner gauze?

There are 3 types of gauze:
1. Single layer - this is thin and lighter to wear in very hot places (only available in summer)
2. Double layer - this has 2 layers of cotton, which is more protective
3. Anti-bacteria, anti-door double cotton gauze

Here you can see the thickness comparison of Single and Double gauze:

So what is "Touch Cool" Gauze?  The official name of this fabric is "コンフォートクール冷感Wガーゼ" (Comfort Cool (R)) and is made in Japan.

About “Cool touch” treatment:
This fabric is made with 2 special treatments:

      1. The fiber is treated to make you feel cooler when you the fabric
      2. When your skin is in close contact with the fabric, your sweat and moist will  trigger a chemical reaction with the processed fiber. It absorbs both heat and vapour, which lower the temperate and make it more comfortable to wear.

About Anti-bacteria, anti-odor double gauze:
The original name of this fabric is "SEKマーク認証 抗菌防臭ダブルガーゼ(2重ガーゼ)".
A made in Japan cotton gauze is slightly thicker than double gauze, and it is processed with anti-bacterial and odor technology, and it is SEK certified. It is anti-allergic, safe, and soft for baby and adult skin, and it is popular to use for baby clothes.

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