Nice to see Kaori Sumida San again at our Pop-up Shop 2022.03.12

March is a crazy pollen season. Many people suffer from pollen-allergy like us, so customers did not stay long in the market.

But we were lucky to see Kaori Sumida san, the blogger of Hong Kong uchiku, she loved our "Tim Fan" bag a lot, and she could recognise all the lost HK landmarks in our new lunch mat. I felt very touch that a foreigner knew so much about my hometown, and paid attention to the changes in HK.

We were surprised to see Yoshinosuke Kawabata san, who is the DJ from 83.9Mhz 爆裂ラジオ. He has a good sense or humour, and he is a talented Jazz bassist and photographer. We were so happy to have our photos taken by him.

We donated 30% of our sales to Red Cross for Ukraine. It was not a lot of money but we would like to contribute to create a better world.

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