HK Neon Signs Scarf
HK Neon Signs Scarf
HK Neon Signs Scarf

HK Neon Signs Scarf

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The concept of this Limited Edition scarf is to pay tribute to the disappearing neon signs of Hong Kong. 

Since 1950, there were 120,000 neon signs along busy streets of HK. They were once the most iconic scenery at night, when you look out from the upper deck bus, from Hong Kong movies, and in sci-fi Hollywood films.  It is a collective memory of Hong Kong's visual art. 

The signs on the scarves reflect the various authentic trades.
Cha Chaan Ting
Noodle shop
Dim Sum Restaurant
snake dumplings
Tea houses
Mahjong House
Love hotel
Herbal tea shop
Dry seafood shop
Chinese wedding dresses shop
Jewelry Shop
Department Store...

Double layer scarf. 100% cotton fabric printed in Japan, Inner layer: heat tech
Design & handmade in Japan.
Approximately: 2000 x 370mm

Enjoy an early bird deal of 6000yen for Pre-orders before Nov 27th.
Delivery on the third week of December.

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