HK Human Touch Lunch Mat
HK Human Touch Lunch Mat

HK Human Touch Lunch Mat

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For Hong Kongers, Cha Chann Tings (HK style cafes) and the staff there are the icons of local culture.

In a nostalgic Cha Chann Ting, the boss sat at cashier, an uncle staff busily taking orders while a horse race newspaper tugged at his waist; an auntie staff who could carry 4 plates on one hand. They have great memory of regular customers' names and food preference, and this makes customers feel like home. Even after customers moved away many years, when they came back to visit the Cha Chann Ting, the staff still remembered them. This human touch makes Cha Chann Ting a remarkable community, the people are more valuable than the food.

This lunch mat remind us the buzz & human touch in an ordinary Cha Chann Ting at your neighborhood, about the valuable collectable memories of Hong Kongers.

-Original hand drawn illustrations
-Fabric Printed in Japan
-Size: 30x36(w) cm
-Outer Fabric & Inner Fabric: 100% water proof fabric
-Handmade in Japan

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