Health Is Wealth (Cream) Eco Mask
Health Is Wealth (Cream) Eco Mask
Health Is Wealth (Cream) Eco Mask

Health Is Wealth (Cream) Eco Mask

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This fabric pattern is inspired by antique coins pattern. This is similar to "5 yen" coin in Japan. "5 yen" is pronounced as "go-en" "en" is a word for connection or relationship; "go-en" means "honourably" good luck, and Japanese usually throw this coin at a shrine or temple, to pray for good fortune and health. 

For Hong Kongers, we have an old saying "health is wealth", so even we are poor, as long as we are healthy, we are rich physically.

Detail of this mask:
Outer Layer:
 100% Japan cotton.

Inner Layer options: 100% Japan single cotton gauze/ double cotton gauze/ Cool Touch double cotton gauze
This fabric is perfect to make baby clothes. Soft and anti-allergic.  

There is opening on both left and right for inserting a filter paper or  kitchen tissue.  Adjust the metal strip at the nose area to fix the mask at a comfortable and safe position. The elastic string is soft and comfortable to wear for long hours.

(*please note that due to shortage of materials in Tokyo, the inner gauze colour may vary but will still match the outer fabric. Sorry for inconvenience caused)

Size & measurement:

Size S  Width: 11cm (x2)  Length: 12cm
Good for kids above 6 years old and someone who has a small face.
Size M Width: 11cm (x2)  Length: 14cm
Good for adult in general, especially for ladies.
Size L Width: 12cm (x2)  Length: 16.5cm
Good for guys and who has a round face. You can see the mask is comparatively longer and it wraps the whole bottom part of the face.

Click here to see demo and detail for choose the right masks.

How to measure yourself: Use a soft ruler to measure from the middle of your nose and roll all the way to bottom of your chin.

Packaging & Reminder:
The mask will come with string untied, please adjust according to your comfort.  

We try our best to make our mask light for shipping. Each mask is packed in a plastic bag, with a far-infrared antibacterial Japanese art paper, non colour process, a paper widely used in food hygiene.

Special care:
Please hand wash gently with mild detergent, hand it dry before you wear for the very first time.  If you have left lipstick or makeup onto the fabric, use a soft tooth brush to gently rub it off with mild detergent and water. No machine wash and dry clean.  Do not use hot water to wash as the fabric will shrink. This mask is hand sew and hand stitched.  Do not pull too strong.  

Colour on screen may be different from product in real.

** For hygienic reason, this product cannot be returned for exchanging sizes and refunded.



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